Our Fields of Activities
Energy, environmental technology and construction engineering

Our scope of work...
comprises of basic and detailed engineering, strategy planning and optimisation, project development, project management and project control, consulting services for entering the European Market, sales and marketing, risk assessment, trouble shooting and mediation in case of critical projects.

Our team experts ...
will be compiled according to the specific tasks, requested skills and qualifications. We can rely on a broad network of experts from Germany, Europe, the United States of America, China, Korea and the Philippines.

Our clients

Our clients comprise of industry, utilities, waste management facilities, private investors, governmental organisations, international banks and the European Commission.

Our Philosophy ...
rely on experience & visions and combine with innovative ideas.
At the beginning of each project the course will be set: without fundamental analysis of all requirements, conditions and specific data a successful outcome of a project with an optimum of value for money and state of the art technology will not be possible.
Regarding all steps of engineering and project implementation we can rely on 25 years of experience. We combine experience with non conventional and innovative thinking, we include ideas developed with a view from a certain distance.
In case of critical development of a project we give support by means of fundamental analysis of situation and conditions, by adapting the project strategy, by determination of margins for negotiations and solutions, by direct intervention and mediation.

We are looking forward to your challenging project!